Monday, 23 June 2014

The Biggest Thanlk You

My blogs of late have not been the most uplifting, which unfortunately is the ebb and flow of living with cancer. However, while this one may be short and sweet I hope it is one that makes you smile as I have been since yesterday.

One of our daughters joined the competitive world of women’s roller derby a couple years ago and in the last month or so came up with the idea to do a charity scrimmage in my hometown of Walkerton and the money raised could be donated to charities of my choice. Along with her friends and other competitors in the derby world they start working on an event that culminated yesterday into one of the most overwhelming days of my life.

Aside from the fact that we had well over 500 people attend and made over $10,000, it was the ‘derby love’ in the room that was palpable and experienced by everyone in attendance, including those who had never had any involvement with roller derby before. I had to struggle to keep myself from losing it a few times, like when two young members of the junior squad presented me with a bracelet they had made for me though they had never met me; or when I pulled into the parking lot and saw family members I hadn’t seen in years, who had travelled many miles, just to come and support me and the event; or when I saw the tables full of donated prizes so generously provided by people and businesses in my community and beyond; or when I read the list of sponsors who made it possible to cover all the expenses related to the day.

All these moments were overwhelming for me but none more so than when I had a quiet moment to myself and was able to look around the crowd and take it all in. To see the friends and family from across Ontario hugging each other and catching up….to see my own children running around doing jobs that needed to be done, smiling all the time… see my family and friends helping flip burgers, sell tickets and hug each other… see my children’s friends come and volunteer their Sunday because they wanted to support our family. In that quiet moment, taking all that in, I truly experienced what love is, what hope is, what blessings are and what miracles can be.

It was a long week leading up to the day as I was anxious about how I was going to feel and there were even times when it was touch and go whether I would be able to attend or not. But I prayed more than I have in years and envisioned a positive day. It turned out to be all that and more.

As I continue to try and find ways to deal with the cancer and the treatment side effects I will be able to think back on this day and remember how it was more than I could have ever envisioned. I won’t even try and thank all those who made it such a special day for me because as my grandson says that would be “to infinity and beyond.” But please know that you are appreciated and loved and remembered by me and my family always.
Until next time……carry on.


  1. Hey Cindy - I think my favourite part of yesterday was seeing you there. I was so glad that you were well enough to attend as I know how much it meant to you. It was my first derby experience and I can't say that I understand all of the rules yet, but it was certainly an entertaining afternoon.
    It was amazing (but no surprise) at how well the event was attended and supported by your family, friends and the surrounding community. Those involved in organizing and participating in such a terrific afternoon deserve kudos "to infinity and beyond". $10,000.00 is an incredible amount for a fundraiser held in a small town, on a Sunday afternoon, with no alcohol involved - Congratulations!

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